Who I Am Today

Optimism Thought of the Week


For Sunday, February 05, 2017


Who I Am Today


By Glennel Hardy


Looking back my yesterdays would have never been in agreement with the outlook of what today has brought me.  My yesterdays were filled with the most treacherous of events that included; being laid-off, fired from a job that I really loved, and the overall missing element of loving life.  The true way for anyone to become “optimistic” is to witness a true turn of events, from things that may have occurred in their past.

Some never like to consider the past because of all the painful events that come along with it.  I treat the lessons of my past as “best practices,” lessons that not only help myself grow, but that can also be a benefit towards others.  Our story is not necessarily something that is kept to ourselves, but it is what can help others.  

Who I am today is a combination of failures and success. Who I am today is what kept me up at night, but later helped me realize what I had to look forward to for tomorrow.   My yesterday and today would have never been in agreement just a few years ago, neither one of them had a vision. 

Our tomorrow has not yet occurred, but it can definitely be placed in a different perspective depending on how we may look at it today.

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