Alternative Routes

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, May 12, 2019

Alternative Routes

“At times the only true obstacle is ourselves.”

By Glennel Hardy

I was driving back yesterday from a location where I had never been.  I used my GPS to get there, and also entered my home address in order to get back home. Relying on the GPS it allowed me to arrive at the origin without a hitch, but halfway on my way back I decided to ignore it.  At this point I knew the area and no longer at that point needed guidance. An important thing I failed to realize is that the GPS could see things that were not in my path of vision.

I decided to continue along my path and the first thing I noticed was traffic backed up for miles. The GPS had already planned an alternate route, and I totally disregarded what it recommended. Not only did I arrive later than I expected, but it taught me a very important lesson.

We can become set on certain ways to achieve goals, missions and milestones.  We have these ideas planned in our mind, but our vision is limited to what lies before us.  Some that we have grown to trust may offer “alternative routes,” perhaps knowing something that we have not yet considered.  Seek wisdom first to avoid the detours later.

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