Signal Delay

Signal Delay


Glennel Hardy

November 02, 2019


Ever experience a moment where it seemed that everything was going very well, and then out of nowhere you are stopped in your tracks.  In our perspective it doesn’t appear to make sense, and automatically we begin to readjust.   We readjust because we feel that our new predicament only means we need to now self-correct.  As we do our best to readjust and move forward, we then may become delayed once again.

In life there are signals that come along the way.  Some signals require us to take immediate action, while some only require us to stand still and wait to proceed.  I am a true believer that there are things ahead of us, and those things rely on their timing and not ours.  We may try to run on our own timetable, only to find out we are way too early for what is ahead of us. 

Signal delays serve a purpose. It alerts us that their is something ahead that is not quite yet within our vision.  We will know when our signal is advising us to pause, or when it is advising us to move forward.  Heed to the signal.  

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